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Re: chinese characters in windows xp to debian

On 8/5/06, Ming Hua <minghua@rice.edu> wrote:
Would you elaborate what is the problem with the current solution?  In
my opinion it's pretty simple and works well for transfering small

For instance, tranfering through ssh protocol. sshd_config doesn't
seem to have an option where I can set the attribute to utf8. Both
winscp and putty have an option to set encoding to utf8, but it
doesn't display the characters.

> Will LI's advice be the best way? To convert gbk to utf8?

You don't need to convert.  If you mount an FAT partition with utf8
option, the filenames _are_ in UTF-8.

Yes, this I know. But I'm referring to the files that are already
transferred. (Transfering again is not an option).



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