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Re: chinese characters in windows xp to debian

On 8/4/06, Ming Hua <minghua@rice.edu> wrote:
You mentioned that you tried to use a USB flash drive to copy the files
and it didn't work.  I assume the flash drive is formatted in Windows
(therefore should have some kind of FAT filesystem), in that case you
can use Arne's advice above, use "mount -t vfat -o utf8 [device]
[mount_point]" to mount your flash drive, and see if it helps.

Yes, I forgot. Mounting as utf8 for the usb works perfectly. I can see
the chinese characters, etc. :)

But I would also prefer a better solution. Will LI's advice be the
best way? To convert gbk to utf8? But I can't view it even though my
locale has gbk, so I dare not try it yet. I have many files that have
weird characters, and dont' know what to do now.



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