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Re: Bug#684260: zh_TW translations of "package", "repository" and "dependency" are mistranslated.

Quoting imacat (imacat@mail.imacat.idv.tw):
>     Please close this bug.  If you want to re-open it, please re-open it
> as a wishlist, not a bug.  The current translation works fine for most
> people.  There is no bug in this issue.

A wishlist is a bug. I think Yao Wei did well by opening a bug report
so that this discussion happens.

You're probably right that the existing established translations
should be kept but that doesn't prevent discussing? No need to be
harsh (I'm afraid I have seen too many harsh messages about zh_TW
translations recently).

I would be very happy to get the stance of Debian developers from
Taiwan about this issue. Andrew, any input?

PS: I think it might be time to create "real" "l10n" lists for
Traditional Chinese (and indeed Simplified, too), as
debian-l10n-chinese-traditional@lists.debian.org....instead of using
the misnamed debian-chinese-big5 that only "pseaks" to old school

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