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Re: Bug#684260: zh_TW translations of "package", "repository" and "dependency" are mistranslated.

    As I worked for a translation agency for 13 years, as a translator
for many projects, you really do not understand what is "translation".

    The accuracy is the most important point of translation, yes, but
the accuracy is established by the "existing usage", not by "you" or
anyone that thinks he/she can tell the world what is to be meant.

    For me, I would use "套件" anyway even if I do not like it, or even
if I thinks there is a better way of translation.  The "existing usage"
is the king of the translation, not you or anyone else that thinks
he/she is smart enough, to decide the "right" translation for the world.

    Who the world do you think you can decide the translation (and the
meaning of words) for the whole world?

    You should not touch it if it is already accepted for 20 years.  You
said you are tired of this work, but you choose to do it, and you
deserve it.

On 01.08.09 01:42am, Christian PERRIER said:
> Quoting Yao Wei (魏銘廷) (mwei@lxde.org):
>> Well. As I previously reported that the mistranslation is kept using
>> for more than 20 years that almost becomes a proper noun.
>> The question is that should we make the change?
>> Some points:
>> * If the translation of the basis noun changed, there will be a long
>> transition period because all the documents are under transition, and
>> this may cause a big bang between Traditional Chinese dpkg existing
>> users.
>> * If not, it stays not an error by every existing users, but new users
>> may be confused by the translations.
> Well, all the 3 words you mention in Subject are transverse to all
> distros. If they are used like this for 20 years in most of them, I
> think we can call this "established usage" and, even if not accurate,
> it's probably better to leave things as is.

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