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Re: Bug#684260: zh_TW translations of "package", "repository" and "dependency" are mistranslated.

Replied inline:

On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 2:49 PM, Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> I don't see Henry Lin in the CC list but I think that the
> debian-chinese-<foo> (I never remember which of both debian-chinese
> lists is meant for Traditional) should be CC'ed as a consensus among
> zh_TW users is needed to change this.

OK. I was thinking notifying in reportbug would be CC but it is not. I
will write Henry Lin and debian-chinese-big5 (it is actually not big5
lol) into CC list.

> Well, this bug could be cloned to each of these packages, but:
> - it is too late to change this in all affected packages (particularly
>   D-I) so it should be handled post-wheezy
> - D-I changes have to be done in the D-I "master" files

I won't expect it appear in Wheezy, but I think Jessie (Wheezy+1)
could be a target for the fix.

Since this is a minor issue it would be OK to fix in the next release.

> - first of all, a *consensus* must be reached among zh_TW users.

The problem is that it is more difficult to have consensus on new
users. Basically many Debian, Ubuntu and even Fedora/RH users are used
to the translations for a long time.

> If there are difficulties in reaching this consensus, I'd propose to
> defer the issue to a zh_TW Debian Developer.
> Anywaye, "suite" is tricky to translate for nearly every language. I
> remember the French team also had this debate and I'm not sure that we
> reached consistency over all  packages for that term.

Yao Wei

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