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安裝的問題?? Fw: 如何參與 Debian 中文計劃?? 郵件列表新名稱:debian-chinese-gb 和 debian-chinese-big5 Re: 請問如何在RedHat6.2下安裝dpkg? 暫別兩週,請大家繼續努力! ;-) debian-guide-zh_0.3《Debian 安裝及使用導論》 Re: emacs ,兒童不宜? Re: emacs, 兒童不宜? [ [cle-devel] Chinput-3.0 蝸X釋出] 用netscape訪問www.debian.org好像不能自動出{中文界面 Re: 我收不到信了 Re: 郵件列表新名稱:debian-chinese-gb 和 debian-chinese-big5 請問如何在RedHat6.2下安裝dpkg? 關於 GB<->BIG5 Conversion Gateway broken gateway between big5<->gb? consol chinese system ʸ}debian2.1wˤU, vOPL debian-chinese mailing lists archives Re: emacs ,????????? Re: emacs, Re: emacs, ?????????? Re: the GBK C locale emacs ,¨àµ£¤£©y? Re[2]: The meeting with Boshiamy result Re: netscape ~X-Window Exit reading chinese in w3m Re: ??????????RedHat6.2??????dpkg? Fwd: Re: [Render] fonts some question concerning about chinese support on debian.. Re: Splitting up task-japanese (again) [thhsieh: [Update] xcin-2.5.2-pre4] Translation of the Dedication paper xemacs w/ chinese locale Re: [ [cle-devel] Chinput-3.0 源碼釋出] The last update was on 19:00 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 80 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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