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Re: non-US

On Fri, Jun 18, 2004 at 09:10:52PM +0200, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
>> Maybe, yes. Or alternatively just drop the non-US area altogether.
>> Manty, what do you do at the moment?
>Right now we are producing cds without non-US and with main and contrib on
>One question I have is why is the contrib included, and if it is included, I
>think it would be good to have them on the last of the disks, but this is
>not supported right now in debian-cd, if anybody likes the idea and wants to
>add this feature to debian-cd I think it would be welcome :-)

Hmmm. The contrib stuff is fine to distribute, which is why we do
it. I'm not sure why it is ending up so high up the list of
packages. Maybe popcon results. If so, we could drop them down by
simply removing contrib packages from the popcon list. Is it actually
a problem?

>> Probably, yes. But *which* 700 MB media? I've had problems with
>> Knoppix not fitting on some of the 700MB media I've bought. Of course,
>> now creating the jigdo files is so cheap, it's feasible to produce
>> multiple images/sets in the following priority:
>I like the idea, there are so many medias now, that just building on the
>smaller ones for compatibility doesn't sound good. I'm specially looking
>forward to the double layer dvds, that would mean just one dvd with all our
>binary packages :-)

Exactly. It's not (yet) very useful for people burning DVDs, but for
people getting them pressed we _really_ want to make double-layer
images available.

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