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Re: changes to Debian's web page


* Mejo Jose <mejokj@mejokj.com> [2004-02-18 16:11]:
> Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>>  Please read <http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/adding>.
> I have read it 100 times and tried to contact all the people I could 
> think of helping me. This is what I send earlier to cdvendors@debian.org.

 I'm sorry, then. Would have been a good idea to mention it in the first
place to avoid such answers, you just said you sent mail to "some

 From what I know Craig Small is the only person able to change the data
from which the vendors page is generated. It might be that he currently
doesn't have that much time -- after all we are all just volunteers. I
know that it would be a good idea to have some "backup" for Craig so
others might be able to help in cases where he is absent (might be in
case of vacation, illness or whatever), and I guess eventually it will
happen. It isn't there currently, though, sorry (at least AFAIK -- from
looking at the getvendors.pl it seems that it gets the data from a
PostgreSQL database, but I have no idea where that runs and who else
might have write access).

 It's like this: I could add it by hand to the file, but that wouldn't
help you much because it would be overwritten again because its not in
the database.

 Sorry that I can't help you any further here.
"Viele Neueinsteiger kriegen den im Usenet üblichen Tonfall in den
falschen Hals, obwohl er nicht unfreundlich gemeint ist. Wenn sie dann
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