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changes to Debian's web page

I didn't know were to send this, so as the changes are related to debian-cd
I'm posting it here with the aim that somebody with powers to modify the web
can do it.

These are changes that I believe should be done because of the changes in the
cd image production that we've had lately, there are new images like dvd,
and also some paths have changed, I'm noting the web page and then the
changes I suggest:


Maybe a note about the DVD images should be put here.


In "Are DVD images of Debian available?" section: we should modify the
paragraph where we state that "only unofficial DVD images for..."
to state that there are official DVD images for "testing".

In "Where are the CDs for architecture X?" section: I think that the first
two paragraphs should be rebuilt into one where we don't mention the stable
distro as in the link we are using for the stable distro we also have links
for testing, also, I plan to remove cdimage-unofficial.debian.net in the
near future, so it is better if we can remove it now.

In "The software on the official CDs is outdated - why don't you release a
new version?" section: the last paragraph should be rewritten to let people
know that there is also official testing cds and dvds, and maybe add a link
so that people can find the jigdo images.


The link for the cd jigdos should now point to 
in here:

  * Official jigdo files for the "testing" distribution on CD (all
    architectures, regenerated weekly)


We are announcing the unofficial dvd images even though they are only
available through jigdo, while the official ones, available the same way at
http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/dvd/ are not announced.

More enfasis on the official images, even though the only ones we have
available without jigdo are the netinst ones (I think that the netinst
images should be announced in this page having a link to the netinst page
from this one).

I think we should make clear that the unofficial ones are unsupported and
that people wanting to test or install testing should use the official
version, not the unofficial one.

Another group of people in Spain produce their own set of CD images for the
"testing" distribution. You should probably only use the images accessible via
this site if the fsn.hu images are not suitable for you, for example because
you need images for a non-i386 architecture.

Well, guess that is all for now.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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