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Re: changes to Debian's web page

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

  From what I know Craig Small is the only person able to change the data
from which the vendors page is generated. It might be that he currently
doesn't have that much time -- after all we are all just volunteers. I
know that it would be a good idea to have some "backup" for Craig so
others might be able to help in cases where he is absent (might be in
case of vacation, illness or whatever), and I guess eventually it will

Thanks for the reply. I noticed this problem earlier. There should always be a backup if one of you cannot do your job, it shouldn't be stuck up.

Some of the links of cd vendors page are broken and some emails bounce back. I think that the cd vendors page is completely unmaintained(because of any above mentioned problems).

If your policy allows, I can maintain the page by checking the links regularly, and adding new vendors as required.

    Please let me know how else I can help Debian.

Thanks and regards,

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