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Re: changes to Debian's web page

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

> * Mejo Jose <mejokj@mejokj.com> [2004-02-17 17:08]:
>>Whom should I contact in order to get listed on Debian cd vendors page?
>>Please let me know. I have sent mails to a few guys at Debian, still
>>there's no reply.
>  Please read <http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/adding>.

I have read it 100 times and tried to contact all the people I could think of helping me. This is what I send earlier to cdvendors@debian.org.


I am the maintainer of http://linux.mejokj.com which distributes cds of Linux distributions -INCLUDING DEBIAN, of course and Open Source Software in India. This is my third mail to cdvendors@debian.org asking them if it is possible to list me in the Debian cd vendors page( http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/ ) and I haven't got a response from them yet. Infact, there's just one cd vendor in India listed and they are selling Hurd based cds only, which is difficult to install for an average user. I tried sending a mail to them but it bounced back.

Thanks and regards,

This is the information required to get listed in the Debian Cd vendor page( http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/adding ) :

   * Vendor Name - Linux.Mejokj.com
   * URL of Vendor - http://linux.mejokj.com
   * Whether or not you donate some of the sale to Debian- I would like
     to do that, but I don't know to.
   * Type of CDs sold (see at the top of page for details) - Official
     Debian 1386 binary
   * Country you are in - India
   * Do you ship orders overseas ("yes", "no", "some areas" or "within
     Europe")- Yes
   * URL of a web page that has information about your Debian CDs -
   * Email address for sales enquiries - debian@linux.mejokj.com
   * What architectures your CDs are for. - i386 only.

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