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Re: Usage of isolinux on the beta CDs

> Right, we'll want to add help screens to syslinux for all of our images
> in any case. I think I understand now, isolinux uses its own help
> screens which it reads from the CD, and these come from debian-cd (for
> now..), but we can control the rest of them.

That's it.

> I don't particularly want to make the decision about which CD has
> isolinux on it and which uses the old method. I do want to get the help
> texts straightened out and preferably in one place, and I do want to

Sounds reasonable, we can get the texts out of a package, for example, one
thing that would be good is if we didn't need root for getting those texts,
avoid things like loop mounting and so.

> have a netinst CD without isolinux on it. Anything you guys decide that
> accomplishes that is 100% fine with me, you are the ones who know all
> about isolinux.

Seems like isolinux has put some bugfixes to avoid problems with broken
bioses and they work, at least my scsi bios can boot from sarge's cds but
not from woody's first cd.

We can build two netinst sets for now if you want, but I'd rather build test
images with the last version of isolinux in debug mode before making a
decision on all this, anybody objects on building this kind of images and
asking the people that wrote the bugs to test them so that we can get
feedback on this?

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