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Re: Bug#221638: Install report for debian-installer

redcane wrote:
> I first tried the ~105Mb image with the base system, but it refused to boot. 
> The CD was simply not detected as a bootable CD. I origanlly burnt it on 
> another machine using k3b, and later tried Gcombust... Both had the same 
> result.... The netinst Cd however, worked fine.

That's quite strange since AFAIK both use the same method for booting.

I'm sure the debian-cd mailing list would appreciate some details about 
how it failed and the details of your CDROM drive and BIOS. You might
also try the daily CD builds, just in case they somehow fix this.

> Dvorak should not be auto selected for Australian English. I think it should 
> preferably by a second selectable choice.

Known problem, fix in progress.

> Quite impressed by, as far as I could tell, perfect hardware detection on my 
> system.
> I was surprised there was no manual selection of mirrors. When I picked the 
> option not describing any country, it gave me an option "(NULL)" and I 
> couldn't back out. As you can imagine, trying to download from (NULL) failed 
> miserably....

Known problem (see the errata page), fixed in the daily builds.

see shy jo

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