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Re: Usage of isolinux on the beta CDs

Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> As for the rest of the things, Raphael has exposed things well, we can do
> whatever you want with the cds, in fact, the change is so easy that we just
> have to change one script to change the ordering of the boot methods in the
> cds, right now the first one is isolinux, the second one is boot floppy
> emulation with cdrom-image, so, we change the order and that's it. The only
> problem is that cdrom-image doesn't have any help, so it just echoes the
> prompt of syslinux and that's it.
> I believe that if you want to change the cd ordering or even have the same
> ordering in the full cd set, but have boot-floppy emulation booting in the
> netinst/businesscard cds, you just have to add the help screens to
> cdrom-image syslinux and when images with that config are build, you tell me
> and I make the changes and the new images, that's it.

Right, we'll want to add help screens to syslinux for all of our images
in any case. I think I understand now, isolinux uses its own help
screens which it reads from the CD, and these come from debian-cd (for
now..), but we can control the rest of them.

I don't particularly want to make the decision about which CD has
isolinux on it and which uses the old method. I do want to get the help
texts straightened out and preferably in one place, and I do want to
have a netinst CD without isolinux on it. Anything you guys decide that
accomplishes that is 100% fine with me, you are the ones who know all
about isolinux.

see shy jo

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