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Re: Usage of isolinux on the beta CDs

Sebastian Ley wrote:
> it seems that we are locking out people from testing by using isolinux
> on our netinst/businesscard CDs, see #220139 and #220139.
> Since we do not need any of isolinux's features I propose to use
> syslinux on the CDs.

I think I agree. The only thing isolinux has the potential to buy us at
the moment is a large enough boot initrd to support SCSI cdroms without
using a driver floppy, and SCSI cdroms are rare, and we are not even
currently using that potential. We also have space to include 5 or 10 of
the most common SCSI controllers on the current initrd if we really want
to (519k free).

Maybe we could put isolinux on the *second* CD, with eventually an
initrd that supports SCSI cdroms.

see shy jo

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