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Re: Usage of isolinux on the beta CDs

> > I think that the main problem from the d-i team's perspective is that
> > all the daily cds and the cds for beta 1 use isolinux. So when users
> > come to us who cannot boot from isolinux, we have no alternative except
> > boot floppies or the monthly full cd builds. Any approach that provides
> > at least one netinst cd without isolinux on it would be a help to this
> > situation.

The full cd builds happen weekly, not monthly, every friday (yes, that is

As for the rest of the things, Raphael has exposed things well, we can do
whatever you want with the cds, in fact, the change is so easy that we just
have to change one script to change the ordering of the boot methods in the
cds, right now the first one is isolinux, the second one is boot floppy
emulation with cdrom-image, so, we change the order and that's it. The only
problem is that cdrom-image doesn't have any help, so it just echoes the
prompt of syslinux and that's it.

I believe that if you want to change the cd ordering or even have the same
ordering in the full cd set, but have boot-floppy emulation booting in the
netinst/businesscard cds, you just have to add the help screens to
cdrom-image syslinux and when images with that config are build, you tell me
and I make the changes and the new images, that's it.

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