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Re: Installation der offiziellen testing Distribution

> At the time I wrote it, this was true for all testing/unstable CDs. Does
> anybody know whether the CDs became installable again with the old
> installer later?

I don't know, but today I tried to install testing using jigdo (the jigdo
file that's referenced from the Debian web page, I think it's from the
.hu site) and got an error configuring the keyboard.  I don't remember
the error message, but I did a web search and found that the error
was reported months ago.  Did anyone not have that problem?
I ignored the error, got a lot more errors, then gave up and installed
stable and upgraded.  Sorry I don't remember more detail, but
I can say that I have been unable to install testing by using jigo,
downloading a CD image from the .hu site, or using netinstall.

I was reluctant to install stable first, due to often having trouble
upgrading, but this one went smoothly.  Perhaps that's because
I did the upgrade immediately, without running dselect first,
unlike my other systems that have gone through multiple upgrades
over the years.

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