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Re: Future of kFreeBSD in Debian unstable

В Fri, 12 Jan 2018 11:08:20 +0100, Axel Beckert написа:
> I can imagine doing sysadmin work on buildds.

I can also host a buildd at home, no restrictions AFAICT.
Administration can be handled remotely by a DD if I'm not able to do
the job properly and/or I'm not being trusted.  I can't participate
with a hardware donation, unfortunately, with three grown-up children
and a chronically ill wife on my neck.

> I just read jcristau's mail: I don't see the difference between running
> buildds for jessie-kfreebsd and sid. Why can the one continue while the
> other can't/

I don't understand either.  I guess DSA are upgrading the last hosts
to stretch as jessie is nearing to EOL.  Or they need the machines for
some other services.

>> As kfreebsd-* are probably never going to to be release architectures
>> due to systemd, maybe it is better to move the port to debian-ports.
> Wait! Debian runs fine without systemd. sysvinit has recently been
> revived upstream and there's OpenRC which is doing fine on my boxes.

My impression was that the release team would not bless an
architecture if it doesn't use the default init system.  Also, certain
sets of packages will not work properly without systemd.

> I wonder what is exactly needed to run a buildd wrt. to the host
> operating system. Does it need to be a "stable" Debian?

Apparently no as that would rule out GNU/Hurd.  There's no stable
release for ia64 that is being resurrected/bootstrapped at the moment.

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