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Re: new ZFS installs completely broken in Wheezy/Sid

Hi again,

On 12/12/11 19:14, Robert Millan wrote:
> This would force all ZFS users of kfreebsd 8.2 in Wheezy to upgrade to
> 9.0.  I think we should wait for the release before doing this.  OTOH
> if new installs are broken, that's a big problem too.

Now that kfreebsd-9 is in testing, I tried to install it using the
latest businesscard d-i image.  It works fine, except there is no
installable zfsutils for it in Wheezy yet, so #648744 is a really
awkward problem.

There was no warning until the Configure GRUB stage failed.  grub-probe
was unable to run zpool, because it wasn't there, until I enabled sid in
APT sources.list and installed zfsutils 8.3 within the /target chroot;
then I could finish the install.

Everything seems great apart from that.

Steven Chamberlain

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