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Re: new ZFS installs completely broken in Wheezy/Sid

2011/12/11 Arno Töll <debian@toell.net>:
> Back then I assumed that was quite intentional as upgrading to a 8.3
> kernel solved the problem. That's why we added breaks conditions to the
> package back then. Aside of this problem there didn't seem to be a hard
> (i.e. API or ABI) incompatibility which would have caused a crash or so.

TTOMK all break conditions are in place, but these don't cover all
possible combinations presented by D-I.

The isinstallable script at least ought to be working.  Any idea
what's wrong with that?

2011/12/11 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> Your .isinstallable script is right, but it's being ignored.  Maybe
> because zfsutils is considered a 'required' installer module, and not an
> optional user choice from the menu.  Instead, it's just using the latest
> available version from the install media.

zfsutils is not a required module, it's supposed to be optional (just
like partman-zfs).

Robert Millan

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