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Re: new ZFS installs completely broken in Wheezy/Sid

2011/12/13 Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>:
> Ah, I didn't realise that -- with only one version of the zfsutils
> package in Wheezy, 8.3, the Break for kfreebsd <= 8.2 wouldn't leave an
> installable zfsutils for anyone using those kernels.

Right, it'd be put on hold.  I'm unsure if there could be other
problems though.  E.g. people upgrading from zfsutils 8.1 in Squeeze.

Also, ZFS support in 9.0 is still problematic (e.g. #651624).

> I guess this could only work if there were separate packages available
> in Wheezy at the same time, e.g.:
> zfsutils-15, Provides: zfsutils but Breaks: kfreebsd <= 8.2
> zfsutils-28, Provides: zfsutils

This would also require separate library packages + some hack to
switch zfs userland in runtime.  Since this is only useful for
kfreebsd 8.2, and 8.3 is due to be released soon after 9.0, I don't
think it's worth it.

>> Maybe it can, but the ABI incompatibility is probably a much deeper
>> problem than just ZVOL support.
> I was just thinking of the installer here.  zfsutils 8.3 seems
> successful at creating a new ZFS pool and volume within d-i using
> kfreebsd-8.  For partman to see the volumes, I only needed to install
> zfsutils 8.2 to run 'zfs volinit' and 'zfs volfini' at the right moments.
> I then ran into a new issue -- grub-probe (from 1.99-14) couldn't detect
> a filesystem type for /.  grub-probe from 1.99-13 worked.

I hit that too (see my initial mail in this thread for explanation).
It just shows that 8.3 ZFS userland with 8.2 ZFS kernel is an
unsupported configuration.

I don't think we can diverge from upstream on this, it requires a lot
of manpower and we don't have it.

Robert Millan

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