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Re: new ZFS installs completely broken in Wheezy/Sid


> 2011/12/11 Robert Millan <rmh@debian.org>:
>> It seems the default is still zfsutils-udeb 8.2
>> for debian-cd images (netinst, businesscard) but not for netboot.

Did you mean 8.3?  That's what I see the latest netinst/businesscard
images try to use, regardless of which kernel is used during install.
Your .isinstallable script is right, but it's being ignored.  Maybe
because zfsutils is considered a 'required' installer module, and not an
optional user choice from the menu.  Instead, it's just using the latest
available version from the install media.

> For the record, the symptoms of this are that /dev/zvol/* device nodes
> aren't being created, and therefore creating a pool and new file
> systems doesn't make new devices appear in partman GUI.

Yep, that's what I was seeing -- unless I downgrade to zfsutils-udeb 8.2
whilst in the installer, then going back into partman.

Steven Chamberlain

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