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Re: Use isenkram to get around the firmware problem?

[John Paul Adrian Glaubitz]
> The issue is not a technical one, it's a license issue. We can't
> really ship or install non-free firmware graphics with a free
> installer at the moment. If we just add such a mechanism to
> debian-installer, we are overriding the strict separation of free and
> non-free installer images that Debian has stuck to for years and I
> don' think this is something that should be done without careful
> consideration.

Debian should definitely not install non-free blobs without asking and
warning the user during installation, similar to how there is an
option/question during installation asking if contrib and non-free
should be enabled.  The first step is in any case to let the person
installing that there are non-free firmware blobs for the hardware and
let the admin aware that some of the hardware is non-free in this

When that is said, I updated the isenkram package in unstable yesterday,
and part of the update was updating the mapping between known firmware
files and packages used by isenkram-autoinstall-firmware with several
new files in firmware-amd-graphcs.  One renoir_ta blob and several
sienna_cichlid_* blobs.  Still no mapping from PCI id to package,
thought.  Perhaps it now make a better job with your card after the
kernel module tried to load?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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