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Re: Use isenkram to get around the firmware problem? [ Re: Manually add firmware (or other) packages for installation? ]

[Holger Wansing]
> I have played around with isenkram a bit, and while it looked
> promising on the first glance (it has an
> 'isenkram-autoinstall-firmware' script, which could just do what we
> want), it seems that isenkram has the same problem regarding graphics
> cards as the installer itself: its detection is based on loaded kernel
> modules.  But in the installer environment (during installation) we
> don't have those kernel modules for graphics cards.  So, isenkram does
> not prompt for installing such firmware, when called inside of the
> installer :-((
> Petter: please correct me, if I am wrong here!

You are looking at the wrong tool, I suspect.  The firmware installer
script (aka isenkram-autoinstall-firmware) will report packages with
firmware requested by kernel modules, that is true.

But the isenkram-lookup script (and its friends isenkram-pkginstall,
isenkramd and its tasksel 'isenkram-packages' task) will use PCI, USB
and other modalias matches to locate packages, which seem more in line
with what you want.

The mappings come both from a list provided by the isenkram package, and
from appstream data provided by each individual package in the Debian
archive.  In other words, one do not need to update isenkram to
recognize a new package, and isenkram do not need to wait for all
package maintainers to add metadata to their packages for isenkram to
work.  In time, I hope we can drop the isenkram specific list and depend
only on appstream metadata, as it make the information easier available
and get rid of isenkram as the "bottleneck" for mapping hardware to

> Since the usb.ids database is included into isenkram, I wonder if
> doing similar for pci.ids could help us here?

Is the usb.ids file really included in isenkram?  I thought isenkram
dependend on an external package for both USB and PCI vendor and model
names?  Where did you find it?

Note, I am not subscribed to debian-boot@.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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