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Re: d-i repo at dillon


Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> (2018-06-15):
> Some cron jobs still fail. Until the reasons have been investigated, I
> have disabled those (3) jobs for now.
> Then I started to test the l10n-sync script.
> And it turns out, that there is some changed behaviour, when comparing
> the old "svn st" lines against the new "git status -s -uno" lines.
> The relevant diff is this:
>   # Do not accept working on an unclean copy
> - if $(svn st $DI_COPY/packages/po | grep -q "^C") ; then
> -	error "$DI_COPY seems to contain some SVN conflict files"
> + if $($git status -s -uno $DI_COPY/packages/po) ; then
> + 	error "$DI_COPY seems to contain some GIT conflict files"
> +	error "in packages/po."
>         error "Please fix this before launching the script again"
>         exit 1
> As it seems, the svn st line returns 0, if there _are_ changes in the
> ../po dir while the new git status line returns 0, if there _are_no_
> changes.
> So I tried to change "if" into "if !" and that seems to work so far,
> however I would like to receive a short confirmation from coding
> people for this (/me having no coding skills so far).  It seems to
> work at least.

That's exactly what's needed to reverse the check! :)

The original/final lines are a bit strange, though, instead of having:

  if $($git foo bar); then … fi

I suppose it should only be:

  if $git foo bar; then … fi

Since $() is used to introduce a command substitution…

(e.g. echo "I'm working on $(hostname)")

Also wondering if it makes sense to keep $git a variable instead of just
using git everywhere. Maybe we used to require a specific $svn, but I
won't be doing any archeology tonight.

> > Don't bother regarding the daily-build-logs.git repository (or
> > whatever it's called), it has gotten corrupted at some point, which
> > I've never found time to investigate, fix, or nuke. It might make
> > sense to re-init it to an empty repository at some point, so that
> > further logs can be injected in it. Just mentioning that so that you
> > don't wonder too much, not trying to put it in your plate.
> I cannot find such repo on salsa.
> Does this need to be created?

I'll handle this (repo+relevant jobs) when I have some spare time, don't
worry about those.

Cyril Brulebois (kibi@debian.org)            <https://debamax.com/>
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