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Bug#787794: lifimage fails to successfully boot on hppa

Maybe the easiest way is to simply blacklist the 712 in the driver itself?

But please don't blacklist!
Openpa.net mentions that 712s have no HIL bus. I don't know the
history of this particular machine, maybe it's an engineering sample
or like that. I also don't see an error reports of HP SDC driver
failing on any machine like on mine (in infinite loop).
Looking at how HP SDC fails on mine it maybe that the HIL bus is not
terminated / grounded / whatever else.
So I don't think there is a sense in blacklisting some ID. Plus some
other user may have some machine with same HIL chip, but actually
working and having HIL periphery attached to it.

None of the 712 machines has a functional HIL.
Just look at your latest dmesg:

[    1.340000] Found devices:
[    1.376000] 1. Gecko 100 GSC Core Graphics at 0xf8000000 [1] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x00085 }
[    1.480000] 2. Gecko 100 Core BA at 0xf0100000 [2] { 11, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x00081 }
[    1.572000] 3. Gecko 100 Core SCSI at 0xf0106000 [2/0/1] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x00082 }
[    1.668000] 4. Gecko 100 Core LAN (802.3) at 0xf0107000 [2/0/2] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x0008a }
[    1.776000] 5. Gecko 100 Core RS-232 at 0xf0105000 [2/0/4] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x0008c }
[    1.876000] 6. Gecko 100 Core Centronics at 0xf0102000 [2/0/6] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x00074 }
[    1.980000] 7. Gecko 100 Audio at 0xf0104000 [2/0/8] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x0007b }
[    2.072000] 8. Gecko 100 Core PC Floppy at 0xf010a000 [2/0/10] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x00083 }
[    2.176000] 9. Gecko 100 Core PS/2 Port at 0xf0108000 [2/0/11] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x00084 }
[    2.280000] 10. Gecko 100 Core PS/2 Port at 0xf0108100 [2/0/12] { 10, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x00084 }
[    2.384000] 11. Gecko 100 Core BA at 0xf0500000 [6] { 11, 0x0, 0x01d, 0x00081 }
[    2.484000] 12. Gecko 100 (712/100) at 0xfffbe000 [8] { 0, 0x0, 0x602, 0x00004 }
[    2.844000] 13. Memory at 0xfffbf000 [9] { 1, 0x0, 0x039, 0x00009 }

No HIL in here.
Nevertheless, the driver was written that it will detect HP SDC chips independent of the
inventory. I assume HP planned once to integrate HIL into 712, but just stayed with PS/2
ports instead. Parts of the hardware was still left in the machine though, but simply
does not show up in the inventory and as such HP-UX will probably not try to load the driver.

And, I don't think there is any other HP 712 user beside you out there nowadays.
So, I still think the only clean and simple way is to just blacklist HIL on 712 machines.

So could you please just ensure that no_hpsdc=1 parameter works
instead? This will help me a lot. It will also help anyone having some
fatal issue with SDC driver to successfully boot without invasive

That's not an easy task. The problem is, that the HP SDC driver is a module and
no_hpsdc=1 is a module parameter. At bootup udev will automatically load the hp_sdc
driver and I see no way to hand over a kernel parameter to it for this driver.
And, such an old machine doesn't justify for modifications in the debian installer
just to make it somehow work.

So, the only way I see is to blacklist it. But for that I need the IDs...


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