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Bug#787794: lifimage fails to successfully boot on hppa

On 05.06.2015 17:10, ⁣ ⁣ wrote:
Machine: HP712/100

Hmm, your bug #302700 mentions a HP715/100XC machine.
Do you have both or is it a mistake?
If you have both machines, does it happens on both?
How are you booting? Via tftpboot, or via CDROM ?

Its the 712/100. 302700 is not my bug, that's just the one most
similar I could find (HP SDC error messages too).

I found this one as well:

I'm booting lifimage via tftpboot.

Ok. What is your tftpserver (e.g. a debian x86 box?).
Some tftp servers may have issues.

only lifimage.old is able to boot on a subject machine. Other bring it
into an endless "HP SDC: Transaction add failed: transaction already
queued ?" print loop.

So, this is the actual problem you have?
Any other kernel messages after that?

One idea is, that the combination of your tftpserver and maybe the
firmware in your HP machine don't play nice with each other.
That way maybe your initrd gets corrupted during the transfer?

Did you checked if you run the lastest firmware on your machine?

Yes, it seems to run the latest firmware.


Do you have a chance to capture the boot logs via serial console and attach
them ?

Unfortunately I'm not will be able to hook to the COM port any time soon...

That's really sad, because it would be extremely helpful.
Not even a laptop?
Actually, if it works on your machines, including 715/64 (which is
similar to 712 as I see), that's looks more like issue with my
particular hardware.

Yes, maybe.

Thanks for the help, and I'm not going to take your time with this

I really would like to solve this issue, and I'm dependent on your input
to be able to fix it since I don't see issues myself.
So, if you find time, let me know.

My initial thought was that no one still test PARISC Linux on
an ancient PARISC hardware, but its seems that this assumption is
wrong :-) I'm already more than happy with that it was possible to
install Linux on a hardware like this.

Yes, I'm testing the debian kernels/install images on a range of (old and new)


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