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Bug#787794: lifimage fails to successfully boot on hppa

On 10.06.2015 19:35, ⁣ ⁣ wrote:
Here's the boot failure log taken from serial console using the latest
lifimage. By some reason HP SDC got enabled even with lifimage_mini
(i.e. equally same messages at the end) where you set "no_hpsdc=1" as
the default boot parameter.

Yes, it still loads the HP SDC driver.
I just checked the mini image again, and the HP SDC driver was still
Anyway, I've now two mini images on debian-ports, one with and the another without the driver.

Can you please check this image next? It does not includes the driver so we should be
able to see if it's really HP SDC driver related:
When using lifimage.old or kernel on /boot partition, HP SDC is not
activated (or at least there are no messages from the driver).

That's strange.
I assume it's not blacklisted or such in your /etc/modules.conf or /etc/modules.d/* files?
The other reason could be, that the driver isn't automatically included when the
new kernel initrd is generated when you install a new debian kernel.

Wondering why no_hpsdc=1 doesn't disable it.

I think I need to recheck that coding later when we know more...


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