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Bug#787794: lifimage fails to successfully boot on hppa

Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de>:
> Hi Lausgans,  (is that your real name? :-))

Hi Helge! No, I'm Alexander :-)

>>> Can you please check this image next? It does not includes the driver so
>>> we
>>> should be able to see if it's really HP SDC driver related:
>>> ftp://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian-cd/hppa/debian-8.0/lifimage_mini_without_hpsdc
>> Thank you! This one boots just fine. The installer screen shows on as
>> expected.
> Great!
> So, HP SDC is the culprit!
>>> The other reason could be, that the driver isn't automatically included
>>> when
>>> the new kernel initrd is generated when you install a new debian kernel.
>> You're right. I've unpacked generated initrd, and hp_sdc.ko is not
>> there while it is in the /lib/modules...
> Which is actually a bug, because for machines which need HP SDC (for HIL
> keyboards/mice) it's now missing :-(
>>>> Wondering why no_hpsdc=1 doesn't disable it.
>>> I think I need to recheck that coding later when we know more...
>> Would be much appreciated, as it looks like it is whats needed in my
>> rare case :-)
> Maybe the easiest way is to simply blacklist the 712 in the driver itself?
> Looking at the pictures of the back of a 712 (e.g.
> http://eintr.net/systems/hp/hp712-100/)
> it seems it doesn't has a HIL port anyway, so the driver could just refuse
> to load.
> Can you confirm that your 712 has no HIL port at the rear or front?

It has no HIL ports (backplane has only PS/2 ports and looks same to
other 712 backside images on the Internet).

But please don't blacklist!
Openpa.net mentions that 712s have no HIL bus. I don't know the
history of this particular machine, maybe it's an engineering sample
or like that. I also don't see an error reports of HP SDC driver
failing on any machine like on mine (in infinite loop).
Looking at how HP SDC fails on mine it maybe that the HIL bus is not
terminated / grounded / whatever else.
So I don't think there is a sense in blacklisting some ID. Plus some
other user may have some machine with same HIL chip, but actually
working and having HIL periphery attached to it.

So could you please just ensure that no_hpsdc=1 parameter works
instead? This will help me a lot. It will also help anyone having some
fatal issue with SDC driver to successfully boot without invasive

> If yes, I'll try to come up with a kernel patch for you to test.
> Helge

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