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Re: Old-timer installer, task-sysvinit?

Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de> (2014-11-23):
> Cyril Brulebois dixit:
> >bad, because we're not going to change debootstrap, especially not at
> >this late stage of the release cycle, to behave differently depending
> >on the target distribution. The current script covers all suites from
> This is not necessary. Well, not at first.
> The changes to debootstrap I’d “love” to have are:
> ① add a new --variant called sysvinit, which excludes all the
>   systemd bits and explicitly adds sysvinit-core; this variant
>   will only be usable with jessie and up, but as it must be
>   invoked explicitly will not do anything to older releases.
>   This is the change we’d need now.

No we don't need that, for the reasons I listed, and the ones below.

> ② change the scripts for --variant minbase, buildd, fakechroot,
>   scratchbox to exclude systemd, sysvinit (and, for good measure
>   on certain downstreams) upstart. This will not touch either
>   --variant sysvinit or base (the default).
>   This is a change that could be put into experimental, as it
>   is not necessary for either the release or d-i. Then upload
>   that to sid after the unfreeze.

Having init not pulled by debootstrap was mentioned recently but I'm
not sure this led to a bug report tracking this. Might be worth
investigating for jessie+1.

> ③ To be fair, add --variant=upstart based on the sysvinit variant.
>   And openrc. But this all will end up in experimental, too.

Once/if there's a way to have an initless system, people can install
whatever init they want on top of it; having a flavour per init looks
like a bad idea.

> I’d actually be happy to try and hack these myself and submit
> them for inclusion. Is the --exclude not working bug fixed by
> now btw?

Read the bug log?


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