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Re: Old-timer installer, task-sysvinit?

Cyril Brulebois dixit:

>bad, because we're not going to change debootstrap, especially not at
>this late stage of the release cycle, to behave differently depending
>on the target distribution. The current script covers all suites from

This is not necessary. Well, not at first.

The changes to debootstrap I’d “love” to have are:

① add a new --variant called sysvinit, which excludes all the
  systemd bits and explicitly adds sysvinit-core; this variant
  will only be usable with jessie and up, but as it must be
  invoked explicitly will not do anything to older releases.

  This is the change we’d need now.

② change the scripts for --variant minbase, buildd, fakechroot,
  scratchbox to exclude systemd, sysvinit (and, for good measure
  on certain downstreams) upstart. This will not touch either
  --variant sysvinit or base (the default).

  This is a change that could be put into experimental, as it
  is not necessary for either the release or d-i. Then upload
  that to sid after the unfreeze.

③ To be fair, add --variant=upstart based on the sysvinit variant.
  And openrc. But this all will end up in experimental, too.

I’d actually be happy to try and hack these myself and submit
them for inclusion. Is the --exclude not working bug fixed by
now btw?

21:12⎜<Vutral> sogar bei opensolaris haben die von der community so
ziemlich jeden mist eingebaut │ man sollte unices nich so machen das
desktopuser zuviel intresse kriegen │ das macht die code base kaputt
21:13⎜<Vutral:#MirBSD> linux war früher auch mal besser :D

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