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Re: Old-timer installer, task-sysvinit?

Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> (2014-11-23):
> Quoting Erich Schubert (2014-11-23 09:50:12)
> > 1. There is a wide consensus that Debian continues to allow other init 
> > systems.
> > 2. The installer (currently) does install systemd.
> > 3. The installer CAN be used to install sysvinit via preseeding (and
> > admins should know how to use preseeding to install systems...)
> I believe third point above is inaccurate: Debian-installer has hooks to 
> pass hints to packages (debconf preseeding) and hooks to execute shell 
> scripts.  What is currently possible is only the latter: Spawn a shell 
> script late in the install process to replace init-related packages 
> already installed by debian-installer.

Well, I'm really unsure what you're calling inaccurate in the third
point. I think I've mentioned that a few times already, but here's yet
another reference:

That's preseeding, that gives a system running sysvinit-core at the
first boot without any further interaction, replacing systemd bits by
sysvinit ones after the initial debootstrap.

If you're unhappy about the initial systemd installation, that's too
bad, because we're not going to change debootstrap, especially not at
this late stage of the release cycle, to behave differently depending
on the target distribution. The current script covers all suites from
etch (etch, lenny, squeeze, wheey, jessie, and now stretch), and it'd
really be nice if that could stay the case.

There won't any more debconf, udeb, or whatever addition going to
happen. It means additional work (nobody has been doing that for a whole
release cycle), more maintenance, and… it's just too late.

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