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Bug#706112: [PATCH v2] grub-installer: Support menu selection of grub boot disk

Vincent McIntyre <vincent.mcintyre@csiro.au> (30/04/2013):
> gah. The patch was not ok. My apologies for such a gross error.
> I caught this by testing with 1.86 as downloaded from the archive.
> [PATCH] Actually set bootdev.
> After taking all the trouble to get the right value into
> the $bootdev shell variable, ensure that we db_set
> grub-installer/bootdev with that value.
> Signed-off-by: Vincent McIntyre <vincent.mcintyre@csiro.au>

Hi again Vincent,

I guess that settles it. My initial tests (with different VM configs,
with 1.85 and 1.86) were quite OK so far, but I see code still needs
refining. I don't think it's reasonable to push an updated (>> 1.85)
grub-installer into r0 (meaning a migration to testing by wednesday).
I had been struggling the whole day, trying to balance fixing a quite
common use case, and resisting rushing a new version into testing at
this point.

I suggest we work towards having a suitable grub-installer for
inclusion into r1 (which will possibly be released roughly 1 month
after r0), for which we'll have more time than a couple of hours/days
of testing. We'll be able to receive translation updates without
last-minute added pressure, which should nicely appease Christian. ;-)

Cc-ing debian-release@ to let them know we're skipping a (very late)
grub-installer update.


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