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Bug#706112: debian-installer: Wheezy installer always install bootloader in /dev/sda

Vincent McIntyre wrote:
> It's entirely possible this patch is not the full resolution of the various
> issues people have reported but I'm posting it to get feedback on the
> approach and get some help with correctly integrating it into d-i.

This adds a new translatable template, which it is far too late in the
release process to get translated. I think this problem could be
finessed by copying the text of the short description and first paragraph of
the grub-installer/bootdev template.
(Ideally into a common template that is SUBSTED into both to avoid bloat.)

There are also some hardcoded user-visible strings embedded in the code,
which need to be a) moved to the template and b) somehow translated
3 months ago. I don't think that "(An entry dialog will appear)" adds
anything to the  $manual_entry string ("Enter device manually").
There is an "enter information manually" string in choose-mirror that
could be copied, with full translations.

device_list() builds a comma-delimited list; it could be that the
description of a device contains a comma (eg, "Foo Corp, Inc. mega super drive"),
and so it needs to be sanitized.

+# make sure this question is displayed at least once
+db_fset  grub-installer/choose_bootdev seen false

That is unncessary in d-i; d-i always re-asks seen questions.
(And it's very bad style to ever mess with seen flags, in any use of
debconf. You will cause bugs that are hard to find.)

see shy jo

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