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Bug#706112: debian-installer: Wheezy installer always install bootloader in /dev/sda

Quoting Vincent McIntyre (vincent.mcintyre@csiro.au):

> b) modify po/sublevel1/template.po to point to the new question like this:
>  #. Type: select
>  #. Choices
>  #: ../choose-mirror-bin.templates.http-in:2001
>  #: ../choose-mirror-bin.templates.ftp.sel-in:2001
> +#: ../grub-installer.templates:29001
>  msgid "enter information manually"
>  msgstr ""

That isn't needed, as long as you take care to use the very exact same

template.pot files are anyway automatically generated and PO files are
updated accordingly. Then the PO files *in the package* will be
updated during the same daily cron job.

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