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Bug#706112: [PATCH v2] grub-installer: Support menu selection of grub boot disk

Quoting Vincent McIntyre (vincent.mcintyre@csiro.au):
> Hi,
> Thanks for the comments I've received on this patch.
> I did some reading to see how other packages handle the issues raised.
> I found grub-pc and iso-scan particularly helpful.
> Hopefully this attempt is better. Less than a week from release,
> I expect it is too late to include this but perhaps it could be
> considered for r1.

Hell Vincent,

I applied and pushed your patch. The maint point is that PO files get
updated by the daily l10n-sync script.

Then, I propose we upload 1.86 immediately to unstable so that it's
tested at least by those people who install unstable with D-I. 

Cyril, others, do you think there would be a risk that it interacts
badly with the release preparation?  The point is not trying to get
1.86 in testing before the release, of course...bt just have the patch
to receive more testing.

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