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Bug#706112: [PATCH v2] grub-installer: Support menu selection of grub boot disk

Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> (29/04/2013):
> I applied and pushed your patch. The maint point is that PO files
> get updated by the daily l10n-sync script.
> Then, I propose we upload 1.86 immediately to unstable so that it's
> tested at least by those people who install unstable with D-I.
> Cyril, others, do you think there would be a risk that it interacts
> badly with the release preparation?  The point is not trying to get
> 1.86 in testing before the release, of course...bt just have the
> patch to receive more testing.

While I haven't reviewed the patch yet, having the l10n bits in sync
was a point I had in mind this very morning, so I'm glad you did
that. And indeed, some feedback ASAP would be nice. I'll try to look
into this patch in a few hours at most.


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