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Raising minimum CPU requirement for i386 kernel

Hi folks

I would like to raise the minimum CPU requirement for the shipped Linux
kernels in the i386 port to i686 (with cmov). For now I will not propose
a change of the default machine type setting used by the compiler.

This means that Debian will get uninstallable on the following CPUs:
- Intel i486,
- Intel Pentium (MMX),
- AMD K5,
- AMD K6(-2, -3),
- Cyrix 6x86,
- VIA C3 before Nehemiah and
- National Semiconductor Geode (GXm, GXLV, GX1 and GX2).

Except for the C3 and the Geodes, all of them were released in the last
Millenium and the successors will be available for at least 10 years at
the release of Squeeze.


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