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Bug#474737: Etch netboot installer does not detect ide harddisk

> I asked you to try the piix module, not the ata_piix module!

Oh sorry, my mistake.

But there is no piix. A "find /lib/modules -name *piix*" (console Alt+F2) gives only .../scsi/ata_piix.ko

> No, the problem is in the kernel drivers.

Ok, of course. What I meant, it is the presence of a ide-harddisk. The network installation method was no problem on a computer with a sata-disk.

> 1) There are no daily built DVD images.
> 2) There is no module mismatch with current weekly built DVD images.
>    There was more than a week ago, but that was fixed.
> Please try a *daily* built *netinst or businesscard* *CD* image.

You mean a weekly DVD-image from "testing"? But then all packages would be from "testing", or am I wrong? The "stable" installer (which fits to debian-40r3-i386-DVD-1.iso) will not be updated?

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