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Bug#474737: Etch netboot installer does not detect ide harddisk

> Problem seems to be that the piix module is not getting loaded, which is 
> needed for your IDE controller.
> What happens if you try to modprobe that manually?

There are two ways to load: Selecting ata_piix on driver menu on (console 1) or with "modprobe ata_piix" on console 2. But nothings helps. The module is in the lsmod-list, but no device /dev/hdx exists.

> > This failure happens on a virtual machine and on real hardware also.

I think the reason for the failure is the ide-harddisk, regardless whether virtual or real. I will enclose log-files from a dell laptop insp7000 here. As you will see, the virtual machine is much more modern :-)

> You could try a "daily built" businesscard or netinst
> image 
> [1], just to see if that does detect the disks. That has a 2.6.24 kernel.

This doesn't work at all, because of module mismatch between the kernel and the DVD.

I have succeeded with "Backported d-i images archive" which consist not only of kernel and initrd.gz (http://mirror.home-dn.net/d-i/2.6.24/netboot/netboot.tar.gz) but also of a iso-image (http://mirror.home-dn.net/d-i/2.6.24/etch-custom-0215.iso). This gives me a minimal basic system. But at the time now I have no further information whether this will result in a stable installation since at some point I will have to switch over to my debian-40r3-i386-DVD-1.iso.


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