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Bug#474737: Etch netboot installer does not detect ide harddisk

On Tuesday 08 April 2008, markus.mbox@gmx.de wrote:
> > Problem seems to be that the piix module is not getting loaded, which
> > is needed for your IDE controller.
> > What happens if you try to modprobe that manually?
> There are two ways to load: Selecting ata_piix on driver menu on (console
> 1) or with "modprobe ata_piix" on console 2. But nothings helps. The
> module is in the lsmod-list, but no device /dev/hdx exists.

I asked you to try the piix module, not the ata_piix module!

> > > This failure happens on a virtual machine and on real hardware also.
> I think the reason for the failure is the ide-harddisk, regardless
> whether virtual or real. I will enclose log-files from a dell laptop
> insp7000 here.

No, the problem is in the kernel drivers.

I see ata_piix is loaded for this laptop, but again, you need the piix 
module. Please try loading that. If ata_piix is loaded automatically, then 
try removing it first with 'modprobe -r ata_piix'.

> As you will see, the virtual machine is much more modern :-)

Yes, but also more unpredictable because of the emulation layers.

> > You could try a "daily built" businesscard or netinst
> > image
> > [1], just to see if that does detect the disks. That has a 2.6.24
> > kernel.
> This doesn't work at all, because of module mismatch between the kernel
> and the DVD.

1) There are no daily built DVD images.
2) There is no module mismatch with current weekly built DVD images.
   There was more than a week ago, but that was fixed.

Please try a *daily* built *netinst or businesscard* *CD* image.

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