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Re: Bug#471764: partman-lvm: cannot set a size to lvm partition (size 0 is invalid)

>   The partition screen shows the lvm group partition as 1.5TB, but when
>   you go into add first partition it wants the actual GiB size (max
>   1.5Tb =max 1.3Tb).
>   Not sure why it let me put into 1497303MB (all space) but not
>   1497000Mb etc.  If you recalculate by hand how much space you have in
>   GiB then its easy from there. Confusion introduced by 500Gb =465Gib
>   has everybody confused I guess. It would be much easier if everything
>   was in GiB

The same bug applies to lenny as well. On Friday I received a new
laptop that had 200GB drive, I partitioned it as small boot partition
and big lvm group. I then added 3 partitions on lvm group and same
error happen. Available size that screens tells you is "160GB" trying
to make it 155GB partition and you get the error. The screen is still
showing or calculating the wrong size. Actual partition size is 160GB
= less then 160 GIB, which then caused me to guess what size should I
put it to get 95% Is it 150, 140,143? ..etc Really annoying.

I don't know if this only happens in lvm group or everybody else is
getting this error and everybody ignores it.?


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