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Re: How to install

On Wednesday 09 April 2008, Yariv Avramovich wrote:
> I tried to install as " lenny beta1 release " "full CD/DVD sets".

Please see if the info in this FAQ helps: http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/

> I made 4 disks Images (DVD), WHEN in each one I burn a disk containing:

In general you don't really need all 4 DVDs. The first DVD and maybe the 
second should contain most packages you will actally use.

> I DIDN'T burn on them also the other files that are in the folder:
> Did I need to burn those files also on each of the 4 disks ?


> When I tried to boot (after changing the configuration on the booting
> process, allowing to boot first from CD-Disk) nothing happened.

Which almost certainly means that you did not burn the DVD correctly.

If the FAQ does not help and you need more assistance, please ask on the 
debian-user mailing list. This list is not the best place for such basic 


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