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Re: d-i broken as of yesterday with debian/testing + other 'unofficial' archives

> i've tried this:
>        # somebody added desktop to the defaults (bastards)
>        d-i tasksel/first multiselect ''
>        d-i tasksel/tasks multiselect ''
> it doesn't work.
> i've tried this:
>         d-i tasksel/first multiselect
>         d-i tasksel/tasks multiselect
> it doesn't work.

"d-i tasksel/first multiselect "
(without the quotes)

Note the trailing space. man debconf-set-selections for details of the

FWIW, tasksel preseeding was entirely broken in d-i rc1; it's fixed in
current daily builds. You didn't specify what installer image you're using,
and you could easily be using a rc1 based image.

[blathering snipped]
> 1) go find out whoever it was who set the desktop stuff as 'standard'
> priority such that it ends up being installed by default and bugger them
> royally until they scream that they'll fix this snafu
> 2) work out how to stop tasksel from installing unwanted software: the
> whole point of the d-i is that there should be a minimalist setup with
> the minimum of questions unless explicitly asked that things should be
> added

No, the whole point of d-i is to allow anyone to install Debian no
matter what their skill level, this includes both providing the best
possible defaults for naive users (including selecting desktop software
for them by default if their machine seems capable and they don't
override it), and providing full customisation for experts.

The point of d-i, for me, is not to be called a bastard or be buggered
for doing both of the above, though others MMV. So please: Tone. It. Down.

see shy jo

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