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Re: d-i broken as of yesterday with debian/testing + other 'unofficial' archives

On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 05:44:34PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
 hello joey!  thanks ever so much for responding.  phil has been telling
 me about the way that you've been 'absorbing' bits of hands-off, when
 he was developing it, until there was nothing left :)

> > i've tried this:
> > 
> >        # somebody added desktop to the defaults (bastards)
> >        d-i tasksel/first multiselect ''
> >        d-i tasksel/tasks multiselect ''
> >
> > it doesn't work.
> > 
> > i've tried this:
> > 
> >         d-i tasksel/first multiselect
> >         d-i tasksel/tasks multiselect
> > 
> > it doesn't work.
> "d-i tasksel/first multiselect "
> (without the quotes)
> Note the trailing space. man debconf-set-selections for details of the
> format.

 ah _ha_ thank you.

> FWIW, tasksel preseeding was entirely broken in d-i rc1; it's fixed in
> current daily builds. You didn't specify what installer image you're using,


> and you could easily be using a rc1 based image.
 *thinks*... no idea!  one from about... 4-5 days ago... seems like
 forever, already.

 ok i'll download it and run my ... oh DRAT i need a machine with a

 i had to create my own version of a d-i boot cd, to specify lkcl.net as
 the default 

> [blathering snipped]
 wiiise decision :)

> > 1) go find out whoever it was who set the desktop stuff as 'standard'
> > priority such that it ends up being installed by default and bugger them
> > royally until they scream that they'll fix this snafu
> > 
> > 2) work out how to stop tasksel from installing unwanted software: the
> > whole point of the d-i is that there should be a minimalist setup with
> > the minimum of questions unless explicitly asked that things should be
> > added
> No, the whole point of d-i is to allow anyone to install Debian no
> matter what their skill level, this includes both providing the best
> possible defaults for naive users (including selecting desktop software
> for them by default if their machine seems capable and they don't
> override it), and providing full customisation for experts.

 ... i've been working with phil as his sounding-board and early alpha
 tester over the past ... eighteen months i think it must be getting on
 for, on d-i, and so deviations from phil's original evil master plan
 for taking over the world kinda catch me off-guard a bit.
 let me think for a while about what you've said.

> The point of d-i, for me, is not to be called a bastard or be buggered
> for doing both of the above, though others MMV. So please: Tone. It. Down.

 *cackle*.  sorry :)  consider me chastised.  damn, must put _more_
 insults and sheer ridiculousness in next time so that you can categorically 
 and unambigously tell that i cannot be serious [about the use of



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