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d-i broken as of yesterday with debian/testing + other 'unofficial' archives

please see http://lkcl.net/d-i/ and look for kdedesktop class for
background, in particular these:


i'm doing a desktop install with the kind of stuff that i like, which
includes non-free and debian-multimedia.org stuff, such as the truetype
fonts, and the flashplayer, etc. etc.

dear christian has rebuild libgpod0 which conflicts with the version in

someone has decided that the desktop task in tasksel should become
'standard' priority.

that means that before i have a chance to use aptitude --force-yes in
the classes/kdedesktop/late_script, tasksel is already installing a
whole boatload of crap (about 340mb of crap - openoffice.org-base
ain't the half of it) that i don't want - and can't tell it damn well
not to.

i've tried this:

	# somebody added desktop to the defaults (bastards)
	d-i tasksel/first multiselect ''
	d-i tasksel/tasks multiselect ''

it doesn't work.

i've tried this:

	d-i tasksel/first multiselect
	d-i tasksel/tasks multiselect

it doesn't work.

there are two, maybe three possible solutions.  four.  [nooooobody expects
the spanish inquisitiionnnnn the keeeyyy element is surprise.  surprise
and... twoo the twooo keey elements of the spanish inquisition arrrre...]

1) go find out whoever it was who set the desktop stuff as 'standard'
priority such that it ends up being installed by default and bugger them
royally until they scream that they'll fix this snafu

2) work out how to stop tasksel from installing unwanted software: the
whole point of the d-i is that there should be a minimalist setup with
the minimum of questions unless explicitly asked that things should be

3) work out how to pin-priority libgpod0 in /etc/apt/preferences, from
d-i preseeding or other early method, such that i can tell libgpod0 to
back down (priority 100) off of debian-multimedia.org.

4) work out how to preseed-remove the stupid 'nyah nyah' question about
packages being unauthenticated i mean DUH if i have specified the web
site then DUH i really don't care!  i understand that some people might,
but there should be a way to say that i don't!

5... nooobody expects the spanish inquisitionnnn

5) other.

any ideas or suggestions, anyone?


lkcl.net - mad free software computer person, visionary and poet.

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