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Bug#406399: installation-report: Dell Inspiron 6400: X server configuration problems

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> I think I was aiming at either some indication of download speed, or
> some indication of the total data to be downloaded. Either would have
> told me that >half an hour of downloading was normal.

Download speed is reported for the main portion of the install. Example:

	Retrieving file 11 of 22 (45s remaining) 

The initial debootstrap doesn't have download speed reported, but then,
it's only a few dozen megabytes download.

> Cool. So it's not worth testing the latest image yet? I've got the
> machine to play with for a few days.

The issue with X should be solved now, in the latest daily builds of the

> Final notes:
> - I selected "Database Server" in the tasksel and got postgres-7.4.
> Version 8.1 will be in etch.

It's not clear to me which one is intended to be the production version
of postgres. The task currently simply pulls in the package named
"postgresql", which currently pulls in 7.4. If postgres's maintainer
would like it to do something different, he can let me know, or change
what postgresql depends on ..

see shy jo

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