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Re: This is getting ridiculous ...

Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> Is there any TECHNICAL reason for him not being given back SVN access?

Yes, it's very difficult to work on a subversion repository if someone
whom you have comprehensively killfiled is able to make changes to it.
Especially if you're one of a few people responsible for reviewing all
changes made to that subversion repository and other reviewers have also
killfiled that person. d-i needs to be able to work as a team, that
means needing to be able to communicate with each other, and several of
us cannot communicate or work with Sven.

I should mention that as of today, I have killfiled all mail that even
mentions Sven's name, due to this and other threads (I've had mail
originating from him killfiled for half a year already, but it really
doesn't help due to his high propensity for trolling people to quote him).
I simply do not have time to deal with Sven; I judge his total possible
contribution not likely to exceed the bother of dealing with him.

see shy jo

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