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Some quotes about the issue at hand which should be consensual ... (Was: gtk 2.0.x or 2.9+ for etch g-i ?)

Some thoughts by someone else than me about this issue :


  The most important thing that I think would benefit Debian is increasing its
  tempo. We've been slow in a lot of things, from releasing, to getting
  updates in, to processing applications from prospective developers, to
  fixing bugs, to making decisons on policy questions, and all sorts of other
  things. Even the DPL election process takes longer to go from start to whoa
  than the last Australian Federal Election, and this year we'll have two
  state elections run and complete entirely within the election period.

  There are often good reaons for this, generally of the form "it's more
  important to get it right than to do it fast", but that objection is often
  used even when there's no actual contradiction between those goals. And
  sometimes doing it fast *helps* you to do it right, by letting you try out
  solutions and act on the feedback -- that is, the "release early, release
  often" philosophy.

Do you all recognize it ? Yes, it is indeed the meat of Anthony's DPL
plateform, and we know that the debian project stands behind them, since they
voted Anthony as DPL.

So, Frans and other of the d-i team, please read them, and think a bit before
you get offended because i propose some pro-active thinking for d-i.
Especially as it is just thinking, and not non-consensual d-i svn commit as i
was accused of doing.


Sven Luther

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