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Re: gtk 2.0.x or 2.9+ for etch g-i ? (Was: graphics or text as default)

> As you are not the d-i or g-i release manager and currently not even on 
> the d-i team, it is _not_ your place to do this.

I object slightly (but hopefully we'll find time to discuss these
issues live). This has not been my reading of Sven's mails in that
particular thread.

IMHO, the discussion that followed Sven proposals helped to figure out
what are the options even though it seems that Sven's initial proposal
does not seem possible to use.

So, I would say that, here, I see no reason to re-create a conflict.

In understand that you may be hurted by the fact that Sven contacting
the Gnome team partly in name of the D-I team may be felt as acting
like the D-I RM, and I fully understand you have some objections to

I more see bad effects of our current different schedules.

However, imho, this does not need to go to a heated discussion here,
at least in public. That discussion is interesting and I think it's
valuable for the future release of D-I.

So I would just say that it can be probably continued as logn as Sven
takes care of not giving the impression that he acts as the D-I team
(Sebastien is for isntance not completely aware of our internal
organization...and even underlyign conflicts...not everyone reads
-project or -devel). Sven, mini message for you, in French because I
think it is better suited for what I intend to say: 

"tes efforts sont appréciés et je pense qu'il est possible de trouver
un compromis de fonctionnement au sein de D-I qui te permette de
continuer à participer, voire même plus tard de participer à nouveau
comme cela a été possible par le passé -opinion purement personnelle
et qui n'engage en aucun cas l'équipe de D-I-. Je pense que sur ce
poitn particulier ton action a été intéressante mais qu'elle a pu
malheureusement donner à des personnes extérieures à l'équipe de D-I
que tu agissais au nom de l'équipe D-I. Je qualifierais donc cette
action de maladroite ce qui explique que je comprenne la réaction
épidermique de Frans même si je la trouve un peu exagérée....on peut
attribuer cela à la fatigue d'une longue journée".

(sorry for our English only speakers. I wanted to say this....I wanted
to say this properly and I didn't want to say it in private)

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